Take your cut of the $$$$ captured by social media!

Social Tokens and NFTs are a new way to monetize content on any platform! Reward your followers and let them invest in you to grow a sustainable community.


Start your community economy.

A social token offers you real platform freedom to monetize and market your content without restrictions. Unlock the full potential of your community by creating your own social economy.

Create your own social currency.

Your community will finally be able to realize their true value with your token. As the community grows, more tokens will be created for new followers to access the content they demand. As the original creator of this value, you choose whether these tokens are purchased, earned, or distributed within your community.

Social Money for Social Status
People love to be a part of something special. It’s the feeling of recogniion for their engagement in a community with similar values. Easily reward your biggest supporters for making your success a reality by sharing that success through your token.
Grow with your believers
A casual fan will consume all your free content, but a superfan who really loves your work can now support you by owning your token and get all the benefits you provide from holding it.

Provide exclusives for token holders.

This means if someone wants access to your blog, article, design board, video, album, website, or software they need to hold your social token or any other ERC-20, NFT or multi-asset token you specify.